Current State

We are a small team of voluntary artists, developers, a designer, a sound designer, a producer and a writer. We came together to make great VR experiences, games and other applications for the Oculus Rift, and for other VR headsets in the future aswell!

We are all passionate about what we are doing; we are here for the experience, learning process and the fun you have creating own worlds.

In a time where Unity and Unreal Engine became free, our lead developer decided to use an open-source cross-platform graphics engine called Magnum, which compared to the two aforementioned engines may not have a comparable amount of features, but will do great performance-wise, which is definitely important for good VR.

Our current project is “Side Trip to Wonderland“, a small VR experience to help our team establish a workflow and for giving you a taste of what we can do as soon as possible. It will consist of three levels: a clearing in a mysterious forest at night, a dim cave with a daring bridge over a large crevice and finally an impressive stone structure (see below) you walk around by day whilst having a great view of alpine mountains.

The night level is almost done, only missing a few elements here and there, the cave and day level ground models are both currently being modeled, sculpted and textured. Here are some concepts by Falk and Jonas to get you an impression:

Wonderland Engine Demo: Night Level Concept 01

Cave concept by Falk. This huge cave with it's enormeous pillars and dimmly glowing crystals is positioned between night and day level.

Wonderland Engine Demo: Day Level Concept 01

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August 23rd 2015 4:30 PM | by Squareys | posted in Side Trip to Wonderland