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Introducing VR Toyroom

In De­cem­ber 2015, we start­ed work­ing on a very small project with the core of our team.

“VR Toy­room”, as we call this tiny ex­pe­ri­ence, lets you be a small kid with su­per­hu­man abil­i­ties. You awake in what seems to be a typ­i­cal toy­room, but quick­ly re­al­ize you are be­ing watched!

An initial concept by Falk to sketch out what the VR Toyroom level is going to look like.

This was the ini­tial con­cept by Falk to sketch out what the VR Toy­room lev­el was go­ing to look like. And here is a work in progress screen­shot of the same lev­el from the ac­tu­al game!

VR Toyroom Screenshot

Those build­ing blocks, the ball and the can­non can all be moved us­ing a 3D cur­sor, con­trolled with the mouse, sim­i­lar to how you move ob­jects in I Ex­pect You To Die. You can tele­port around and switch or even com­plete­ly re­move grav­i­ty, re­sult­ing in the ob­jects drift­ing around you.

Orig­i­nal­ly, we had set our dead­line for this project to the be­gin­ning of Jan­u­ary 2016. While that worked out great on the as­sets side, our code did not quite get there dur­ing that time frame. We use nei­ther Un­re­al En­gine nor Uni­ty3D, or back then any oth­er en­gine for that mat­ter. As a re­sult we learned from this project that we do need an en­gine af­ter all. Hence, Jonathan de­cid­ed to start build­ing an in­house game en­gine for our two projects.
There will be a more tech­ni­cal blog post to cov­er more about that soon!

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Game cred­its:

3D Mod­els - To­bias
Tex­tures & Con­cept Art - Falk
Code - Andy & Jonathan