Introducing VR Toyroom

In December 2015, we started working on a very small project with the core of our team.

“VR Toyroom”, as we call this tiny experience, lets you be a small kid with superhuman abilities. You awake in what seems to be a typical toyroom, but quickly realize you are being watched!

An initial concept by Falk to sketch out what the VR Toyroom level is going to look like.

This was the initial concept by Falk to sketch out what the VR Toyroom level was going to look like. And here is a work in progress screenshot of the same level from the actual game!

VR Toyroom Screenshot

Those building blocks, the ball and the cannon can all be moved using a 3D cursor, controlled with the mouse, similar to how you move objects in I Expect You To Die. You can teleport around and switch or even completely remove gravity, resulting in the objects drifting around you.

Originally, we had set our deadline for this project to the beginning of January 2016. While that worked out great on the assets side, our code did not quite get there during that time frame. We use neither Unreal Engine nor Unity3D, or back then any other engine for that matter. As a result we learned from this project that we do need an engine after all. Hence, Jonathan decided to start building an inhouse game engine for our two projects.
There will be a more technical blog post to cover more about that soon!

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Game credits:

3D Models – Tobias
Textures & Concept Art – Falk
Code – Andy & Jonathan

August 24th 2016 5:38 PM | by Squareys | posted in Projects, VR Toyroom