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Wastepaperbin VR: New Version /w full HTC Vive Support!

Hey there ev­ery­body!

To­day we re­lease a sec­ond ear­ly ac­cess ver­sion of Wastepa­perBin VR with now full rather than “ex­per­i­men­tal” sup­port for the HTC Vive and a cou­ple of small­er im­prove­ments for your en­joy­ment.
Be sure to check it out and tell us what you think! :)


  • Full HTC Vive sup­port (with safe­ty blend­ing-in of con­trollers to avoid col­li­sions)
  • Ba­sic hap­tic feed­back for both HTC Vive and Ocu­lus Rift
  • Pa­per now al­ways crum­bles when picked up
  • Clar­i­fied that the sticky notes are for set­ting your name for the lo­cal high­score
  • Fix score dis­play on pa­per not al­ways be­ing cor­rect
  • (The game now runs on Un­re­al En­gine 4.16.1 and Steam Au­dio)

We are al­so ex­cit­ed to an­nounce some larg­er changes ly­ing ahead!

Up­com­ing fea­tures

  • Chal­lenge Mode A sec­ond game mode, where you don’t start from the first lev­el when you miss, and are able to col­lect stars for each lev­el. This will al­so be handy for prac­tic­ing in­di­vid­u­al lev­els for the leader­board mode!
  • Dec­o­ra­tions Of­fices are so bor­ing. We will put around some more stuff to make it a lit­tle less so! You may al­so try throw­ing in­to them in­to waste­bins, if you so de­sire.