Vhite Rabbit Office!

Last week we moved into our own little office space in Konstanz!

Vhite Rabbit has been around since end of 2013, but has just very recently been officially founded by Florian and myself (Jonathan), who are now going to work with even more dedication than before, taking the leap to work for Vhite Rabbit full time.

We decided to make the “Vhite Rabbit Office” a thing and after a stressful week of organizing desks, chairs, sofas and moving computers and VR equipment, we finally made it back to a productive state.

I am very much looking forward to all the fun times that will be spent here.

Vhite Rabbit founders in their new office.

Florian (left) and Jonathan (right) in the newly opened Vhite Rabbit Office.


September 8th 2018 11:36 PM | by Squareys | posted in General