Construct Arcade

In October 2018, almost three months ago, we launched the VR browser games platform Construct Arcade with initially four games.

With now twelve games, the platform is slowly growing to the experience we are imagining.

Chicken and Egg

Platforms like these provide one great difficulty: if there are no games, there are no players. If there are no players, no developer wants to publish their game on the platform, so there are no games.

We partially solve this problem by heavily investing time into developing games for the platform ourselves and actively reaching out to the developers of existing WebVR games.

Why another WebVR content site?

Construct Arcade is different: as a gamer, you are not looking for 360° pictures and videos, you do not want to see VR music videos and definitely not educational content.

While there are many collections of VR experiences, none of them actually focus on games.

Often, VR experiences don’t work, because their input requirements are not communicated. This can be very frustrating when clicking on the third game that requires motion controllers as a Google Cardboard user.

We believe we can (eventually, not quite there yet) provide a consistent experience that allows playing one game after the next without frustrating interruptions.

Why WebVR?

VR in the browser has three big benefits:

  1. No permanent disk space required, your valuable Oculus GO space is kept safe!
  2. Less friction to start playing. WebVR games are usually way smaller compared to installed apps and can also continue loading content while you play.
  3. Portability. Develop for 6-dof, 3-dof and tap and you will basically have support for any device in your game.

Points 1 and 2 emerge from not requiring download or installation upfront. VR browser games are basically websites. Think of them as Web Apps maybe.

Point 3 is important from a developer standpoint. While bigger engines like Unreal Engine 4 and Unity often have abstractions built into them to abstract the differences away, the browser already has this built-in with the WebXR API. You merely need to handle the case of input types not being available.


If this got you interested in developing VR games for the browser, you can check out our guide on how to get started over on Construct Arcade. If you already have a game and want to help the platform grow, please contact us!

We are very much looking into what the future brings and how the community around the platform will evolve.

January 11th 2019 12:02 PM | by Squareys | posted in General, Projects