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Vhite Rabbit Office!

Last week we moved in­to our own lit­tle of­fice space in Kon­stanz!

Vhite Rab­bit has been around since end of 2013, but has just very re­cent­ly been of­fi­cial­ly found­ed by Flo­ri­an and my­self (Jonathan), who are …

UE4 Coding: Decoupling for Better Code

In the past year of UE4 de­vel­op­ment, I had prob­lems fig­ur­ing out how to struc­ture my game code: where to put game log­ic code to keep it read­able/main­tain­able, testable and re­us­able. This blog post sum­ma­rizes what I and my fel­low de­vel­op­ers have learnt as I fi­nal­ly feel con­fi­dent with my un­der­stand­ing.

Introducing VR Toyroom

In De­cem­ber 2015, we start­ed work­ing on a very small project with the core of our team.

“VR Toy­room”, as we call this tiny ex­pe­ri­ence, lets you be a small kid with su­per­hu­man abil­i­ties. You awake in …

New Website!

Check out this awe­some web­site re­design by Falk! He even made some sub­tle changes to the lo­go. How do you like it?

Again, many thanks to Max for putting a lot of ef­fort in­to re­al­iz­ing the ideas of Falk, with …

Night Level Modeling

The cave and day lev­el are both com­ing along nice­ly, aswell: near­ly all mod­els are done now, mere­ly miss­ing tex­tures. They may not con­sist of re­mote­ly as many as­sets as this na­ture heavy night lev­el, but in­stead have a much larg­er ground mod­el, which makes them a huge task to get both mod­eled and tex­tured.