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In October 2018, almost three months ago, we launched the VR browser games platform Construct Arcade with initially four games.

With now twelve games, the platform is slowly growing to the experience we are imagining.

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Vhite Rabbit Office!

Vhite Rabbit founders in their new office.

Last week we moved into our own little office space in Konstanz! Vhite Rabbit has been around since end of 2013, but has just very recently been officially founded by Florian and myself (Jonathan), who are now going to work with even more dedication than before, taking the leap to work for Vhite Rabbit full time. We decided to make…

WebVR Pong: A New Chapter

Last Month, we had the honor to submit our newest creation WebVR Pong, to the Virtuleap Hackathon. Like the title suggests, it’s a WebVR version of the classic game of the same name with an online multiplayer mode. We had a blast making it, I hope you also do playing it with your friends. Be sure to also check out…

UE4 Coding: Speeding up Compilation

UE4 Code Blog Speeding Up Compilation

There was one thing that always frustrated me alot in the beginning of development with Unreal Engine 4: It was the compile times, especially those for iterating on your game. But it turns out that, if you stick to a couple of key principles, they are manageable after all.