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Vhite Rabbit Office!

September 8th 2018 11:36 PM | by Squareys | Posted in General

Vhite Rabbit founders in their new office.

Last week we moved into our own little office space in Konstanz! Vhite Rabbit has been around since end of 2013, but has just very recently been officially founded by Florian and myself (Jonathan), who are now going to work with even more dedication than before, taking the leap to work for Vhite Rabbit full time. We decided to make…

WebVR Pong: A New Chapter

August 10th 2018 8:17 PM | by Florian Isikci | Posted in General

Last Month, we had the honor to submit our newest creation WebVR Pong, to the Virtuleap Hackathon. Like the title suggests, it’s a WebVR version of the classic game of the same name with an online multiplayer mode. We had a blast making it, I hope you also do playing it with your friends. Be sure to also check out…

UE4 Code: Fixing Hot Reload of AutomationTests

March 2nd 2018 8:42 PM | by Squareys | Posted in CodingGeneralUnreal Engine 4

UE4 Code Blog Fixing Hot Reload Header

Issue UE-25350 “Hot reload does not compile changes to automation tests”, opened through a question on the answerhub, has been around for quite a while now and may be one of many blockers keeping you from writing unit tests in Unreal Engine. Which you should. I was so annoyed by this that I decided to get to the root of…

Wastepaperbin VR in Early Access on!

May 3rd 2017 3:00 PM | by Squareys | Posted in General

Wastepaperbin VR Header

We just released Wastepaperbin VR into early access on itch io! Background When we switched to Unreal Engine 4, we started a little “Practice Project”. The game turned out to be way more fun than expected and we decided to finish it and release it for pay-what-you-want on! Wastepaperbin VR in now early access. Go ahead and give it…

From 3 years to 3 days: Spring #UE4jam

April 13th 2017 8:06 PM | by Squareys | Posted in General

Spring Cleaning Banner

We participated in Spring #UE4jam! While our first project took three years and is still not released, here is is what we learned while making a game in 3 days:

New Website!

August 14th 2016 6:26 PM | by Squareys | Posted in General

New Website Screenshot

Check out this awesome website redesign by Falk! He even made some subtle changes to the logo. How do you like it? Again, many thanks to Max for putting a lot of effort into realizing the ideas of Falk, with some finishing touches by Lisa, and both Saskia and Falk for the time and creativity they invested into making the logo…

Hello Web!

March 15th 2015 3:10 PM | by Squareys | Posted in General

Finally, Vhite Rabbit has a website! Many thanks to Saskia for designing and Max for developing it. As you can tell, our website is still under construction, but don’t worry Max is working hard to make it better and better. While you wait for more content, please check out what we already have on facebook and twitter.   Note: This post refers to…