Introducing VR Toyroom

August 24th 2016 5:38 PM | by Squareys | Posted in ProjectsVR Toyroom

In December 2015, we started working on a very small project with the core of our team. “VR Toyroom”, as we call this tiny experience, lets you be a small kid with superhuman abilities. You awake in what seems to be a typical toyroom, but quickly realize you are being watched! This was the initial concept by Falk to sketch out what the VR…

Night Level Modeling

September 5th 2015 4:30 PM | by Squareys | Posted in Side Trip to Wonderland

As we mentioned before, we use blender for modelling, unwrapping, sculpting and scene setup. It is free and awesome, so go and check it out. Here is a screenshot of the current state of the entire night level in Blender: (spoiler alert)


August 23rd 2015 5:00 PM | by Squareys | Posted in Side Trip to Wonderland

Our team currently has merely one 3D artist dedicated to modeling static objects and he does an amazing job. Here are screenshots taken from our modeling tool blender. They show models for the red tree, the crystals and a fallen tree, all from the night level. Can you recognize them from the night level concepts? Modeling by Tobias, texture painting by Falk.